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Status: I have a few openings for small web projects right now.

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The Unlikely Times - odd news & connections
Unfuture Chronicle - weird science & writing

tech support blues!
My FILM projects

SCV Writing
My writing
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SCV Stamps
My eBay/stamp business

Services Offered:
rubik's cube

Graphics - Web Development
Database Design - Writing - More

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Status: Currently working on web projects and my stamp business.
Open to small database/programming contracts at this time, and writing/editing work.

Domains for Sale:
  March 2011: I am selling a few of the domains I've grabbed over the years -- all were good ideas, but I don't have the manpower to launch them properly. I will be making landing pages for the unlinked ones soon ...
  • -- for collectors to show their stuff
  • -- women's notary business networking
  • -- just selling odd things ... by the pound
  Jan 2011: New website release:
June 2009: New website release:
March 2008: New website releases: Lee Clark Stamps, MyCasinoCareer
2008-10: Graphics news: I was the book cover designer for SamsDot Publishing
Printed board games: MARCH 2005: Two new sets of board games available! Other games are in the works ...

You might run into me on one of these sites: BattleOn - ItsYourTurn - Pogo - Moola

  Past website projects: I worked on these older sites which are now extinct:
Cal State San Marcos - School of Extended Studies (the school is still there, but a new system has replaced my ecommerce code);;;;;
Full credits here.
My online Graphics gallery - Over 200 illustrations, digital arts & photos here - enjoy!
Wallpaper collections: Surreal Wallpapers 1, 2, 3 FREE!
Windows/Win9X software:
I developed the following programs over the years. I am no longer pursuing software development, am no longer selling any software, and since I have no staff, I can't offer support for the old software that may be floating around out there.
  • AlbumPager (stamp album page designer)
  • AstroCat (astronomical catalog data browser)
  • ClipBar (Windows clipboard enhancer)
  • SpaceAdvisor (hard drive scanner and space analysis tool)
  • WinRuler (floating popup on-screen ruler)
  • Games:
    • Shrimp E. Shrimp
    • Space Tycoon
    • Stamp Tycoon
    • StarScan
  • Programming Tools:
    • Delphi CodeBar
    • Delphi components
Full credits here.